HYTEK offers supply and installation of structural steel, steel frames and roof trusses – or all three component types.

Hytek steel frames are light, durable and easy to install on-site. So, we operate a flexible approach, allowing you to do as much or as little installation as you want, depending on your project. And, no matter the approach you choose, Hytek will take responsibility for quality across the board. 

The HYTEK installation team can work together across projects, independently on separate jobs, or can be hired by your company to supplement your own construction team. If you already have an installation team, one of our specialists can supervise, including overseeing any sub-contractors needed to supplement the build team. 

Our individual team members’ experience in the construction business includes hands-on carpentry and joining, drafting and engineering, liaising with architects and builders, and supervising sub-contractors. And the project management systems we use ensure a consistent approach to quality and excellence for all projects. HYTEK also offers on-site mentor training, ideal when introducing new builders to lightweight steel frames. 


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